About Me

My name is Luke Nathan Phillips. I’m a political writer, policy researcher, budding amateur historian, and freelance editor from Northern Virginia. I presently am the Publius Fellow for Public Discourse for America’s largest grassroots-led, fully-red/blue bipartisan political depolarization civic org, Braver Angels, a community and organization whose work is very dear to my heart and incredibly intriguing to my mind. I graduated from the University of Southern California and have hung around the D.C. area doing various odd jobs, and spend my free time reading and occasionally traveling around the USA.  Welcome to my personal website, my home on the web.

My true loves are American intellectual, political, and institutional history and biography, and I have accompanying interests in political economy and economic development, political theory and government, international relations and grand strategy, federalism and administration, and cultural and social history. My primary interests are these subjects as related to the entirety of the American experience, but I also nurse a healthy fascination for the stories of other cultures, nations, and civilizations. Whenever I get the chance, I write about these subjects- sometimes for trade publications, sometimes for community publications, and sometimes for my own blog. I’ve been thinking about starting writing again at abiasedperspective.wordpress.com, but we shall see.

I’ve worn many hats in the research/publishing world- I’ve been a research assistant for books and reports, an archival intern, a freelance editor and freelance writer, and a blog editor for various publications. Beyond the pointy-headed world of wonks, I’ve been a driver and body man on a U.S. Senate campaign, a walking tour guide in Washington D.C., a live-tweeter at a Presidential Library’s reopening event, a (very amateur) event photographer, a (very amateur) poet, a host at a busy late-nite semi-fancy small-d-democratic restaurant down the street from the White House (and its annual Easter Bunny,) a trail crew foreman at the world’s largest and best Boy Scout high adventure camp, a scheduler for an influential and high-flying journalist, a choirboy and a bad ukulelist, a trombone player in the greatest marching band in the history of the universe, and to my shame, very briefly a candidate for the California state legislature. I’ve had the unique honor of running across some of the great minds and personas of my time, including John McCain, Jim Mattis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Francis Fukuyama, Colin Powell, Susan Rice, Jon Huntsman Jr., Robert M. Gates, and Henry Kissinger. I’ve been blessed to cram probably too many fun and interesting experiences into my brief life thus far, and am looking forward to more of them.

Thanks for visiting the site, and feel free to look around. This website is my personal and professional interface with the world. Links to my social media are posted. My archive has samples of my work, and once I get my blog up and running I’ll be providing occasional commentary there. If you feel the need to contact me for some reason (comments, questions, vicious personal attacks, etc.) the information is here as well.

-Luke Nathan Phillips