About Me

My name is Luke Nathan Phillips. I’m a writer, researcher, and editor from Northern Virginia. I am Publius Fellow for Public Discourse at  Braver Angels, a community and organization whose work is very dear to my heart and incredibly intriguing to my mind. (I work in the Debates and Public Discourse team and Media teams there, and organize events around Washington D.C.) I went to the University of Southern California and have hung around the D.C. area doing various odd jobs, and spend my free time reading and occasionally traveling around the USA.  Welcome to my personal website, my home on the web.

My true loves are American intellectual, political, and institutional history and biography, and I have accompanying interests in political economy, political theory, international relations, and cultural and social history. My primary interests are these subjects regarding to the entirety of the American experience. Whenever I get the chance, I write on them- sometimes for trade magazines, very rarely for nichely prestigious policy journals, sometimes for community publications, and sometimes for my own blog. If you happen across my old college blog, abiasedperspective.wordpress.com, first be very amused, and then read my later stuff! 

Beyond writing, research, editing, and the various programs I staff in Braver Angels, I’ve been a driver and body man on a U.S. Senate campaign, a tour guide in Washington D.C., a research intern at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library, late-nite staff at The Hamilton Restaurant in downtown Washington D.C. and their annual Easter Bunny, an OA Trail Crew foreman in the Conservation Department at Philmont Scout Ranch, a trombonist in The Spirit of Troy, the University of Southern California Trojan Marching Band. I volunteer with Scouting a bit, and go to mass enough to feel guilty about not going to mass enough. I write probably not enough poems, and make probably too many memes. I’m a hiker and a runner, and I pilgrimage to historic sites whenever I get the chance. I’m proud of all of it. I’ve been mentored by a good many folks wiser, more temperate, more prudent, more disciplined, and more patient than me, and I owe so much of my success to their unflagging faith in me. I’ve been blessed to cram probably too many fun and interesting experiences into my brief life thus far, and am looking forward to more of them.

Thanks for visiting my page, and feel free to look around. This website is my primary online archive of written work. Links to my social media are posted. I don’t update my blog often, but will do so on occasion. If you feel the need to contact me for some reason (comments, questions, queries, suggestions that I look kinda like a certain Cabinet official in the Biden Administration, vicious personal attacks, etc.) my email address is here as well.