Welcome to My New Blog

Hello friends!

After retiring ABiasedPerspective a few days ago, I’m shifting my blogging operations here, to my eponymous site. The posts here will be different than those at ABP; just as ornate and flowery, just as deeply analytical, and in all likelihood just as personal; but much shorter, and much more tailored to following the news cycle. Here at LNP, I am trying, to some degree, to set up something of a more professional blog, while with the remainder of my personal writing strategy I am trying to become something of a more professional writer. This, of course, requires more cultivation and discipline than an old college blog can provide. As I transition from helpless-college-student reality to helpless-young-adult reality, this transition to a new publishing project can help me feign, perhaps, a higher level of professional and intellectual maturity than I’ve actually attained.

So we’ll see what happens! I am probably going to eschew personal and creative posts (though the occasional satire, poem, or meditation might still find its way onboard when I’m feeling mushy!) in the interests of providing commentary, analysis, and opinion- advocacy and criticism- based on my ongoing personal experiences and developing perspectives. Expect several types of content- brief takes on major and less-than-major news stories, historical reflections, travelogues, comments on excerpted passages from my favorite commentators, promo posts featuring my own publications, and maybe more. In general, I’ll try and keep it below 1,200 words, and preferably far less than that. Exceptional circumstances may require or invite longer reflections, but as I intend to publish between once and four times a week, it would probably help to be concise. I might use more of my own photos than in previous projects. I won’t feature guest posts, but I’ll happily share writings from other blogs. And this is the first time I’ve attempted a personal professional blog, so I’m new to this- we’ll see where it goes!

We shape our writings, but at the same time, our writings shape us. My intention with the new LNP site is to interact with the world, professionally and personally, in a way that is insightful, useful, purpose-driven, circumspective, and most importantly of all, intellectually honest and true to my conscience. And as I write, I hope I’ll become a better writer, a better thinker, a better man. I have no idea how long this project will last, but until it does, this ethos will guide it.

So let’s get to it! Thanks for reading my work- I look forward to sharing the journey.

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